Requesting Help

Please read and follow the below guidelines before asking for help in the forum.


How to Request Help

Welcome to the Hugo forums and thanks for using Hugo! The below are a few friendly tips on getting help from the other Hugo volunteers in this forum.

Some Knowledge Required

Dare we say that while Hugo is indeed pretty magical, it is not meant to be a “magic wand” to suddenly give you a published website a la Square Space or Wordpress. You are expected to already know how to assemble a static web page, for which you do need some basic knowledge of html, css, command line and text editors. Or how to prepare a space to host your website. The bottom line is, if you are unwilling to invest the time required to learn these things, then Hugo is not for you.

If you do put the time in, Hugo will help you rapidly merge your html templates, css, javascript, media, and even data, into a flexible working site. In addition, you get the added benefit of understanding how things fit together, which in turn makes understanding a variety of website builders and content management systems much easier. It is really a worthwhile investment to put the time in, to learn the basic building blocks well.

There are too many such sites to mention but if you’re just starting out, here are a couple of sites to take a look at: w3schools, HTML5 Boilerplate or Take a look at the Recommended Reading wiki post in the forum, as well.

Ok, got it, how do I get help?

Thanks for bearing with me on the above, which needed to be said given the sheer volume of people asking similar questions. Here are several points that if you follow, will help get you a positive outcome in the forums:

Search First

Search the forum :mag:, because it is likely that your question has been asked and answered already. Do your homework.

N.B. We discourage reviving old topics because people who participated in those discussions of yesteryear are usually not here anymore and they rarely reply to questions. It is best to open a new topic rather than bumping an old one.

Read the Docs

Read the docs, because they are pretty good and a lot of work goes into them. Then read them again. But note that they sometimes lag behind releases a bit. If you can help with that, please do.

A corollary to this is, read the release notes. If you are having a problem after upgrading Hugo, you may find a hint here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Notes to address repeat inquiries about common problems:

  • If your posts are not showing up, check if draft is set to true in your content frontmatter.
  • Run hugo server for the development server for inspecting your site during development, and just hugo to generate the /public folder in your project, which you upload to your site container.
  • In your config, make sure baseURL is correct.
  • If you are using a theme, you can override the theme’s files to make a change. For instance, assuming you are using Hyde, installed at /themes/hyde in your project, you can copy /themes/hyde/layouts/index.html to /layouts/index.html and edit that. Your copy will override that of the theme.
  • Hugo’s lookup order is a source of confusion at first, but it is well defined and will help you understand what template is being applied to a given page.
  • Hugo commands are case-sensitive, so pay attention to that when you build your templates.

General thread mechanics

Create a new thread in #support, for each new issue. Generally speaking, let us know:

  1. what you were doing or what you tried,
  2. what you expected, and
  3. what actually happened.

Format your forum posts using the de facto standard markdown, BBCode or HTML. See Sharing code in the forums - #5 by kaushalmodi for some good tips on code formatting.

When you do get an answer, mark the best answer in the thread using the checkbox icon from the comment action menu (with like, edit, bookmark etc). This marks the thread as solved. Please do not add words like SOLVED to the title.

Finally, please close the loop, by posting a summary in your thread about how you were able to solve the problem. In fact, keeping communications public, clear and complete helps the project.

Let us see your code

Include a link to the source code repository of your project, because we really need the context of seeing your templates and partials to be able to help you. It is trivial to do a quick git clone on your repo, then run hugo server in your project, to help you out. On the other hand, recreating your code from screenshots, or sort of guessing at it, is not.

If you can’t share your repository for whatever reason, consider creating a dummy repo that you can share, which reproduces the problem you’re experiencing.

Git repository hosting services include Github, Bitbucket, Codebase, Gitlab, Sourcehut, and others. If you select Github, even if you do not know git or have a repository, you can use Github “gists” for pasting logs and files. You can include multiple files in a single gist, like this one.

Are you using a theme?

Consider contacting the theme’s author, if it is a theme-specific question because often the author will know better than the random passer-by in the forum. Check the theme’s README. But at least include a link to the theme, to help a person trying to help you.

Include Output and Environment Details

First, use the --verbose switch on hugo server to produce more details on the command line including about errors.

Include the output of hugo env from the command line, and any other relevant versions.

~> hugo env
Hugo Static Site Generator v0.55.2-9D0203488/extended darwin/amd64 BuildDate: 2019-04-17T12:29:48Z
~> git version
git version 2.20.1

Simple Code of Conduct

Finally, this is a positive and friendly community, and as with other open source projects, the Hugo project runs on unpaid volunteer work. Please be reminded of a couple of rules to make things easier in the forum:

  • Pitch in!, and offer what help you can, as there is never enough time to do everything. If you noticed that something is lacking in the docs, you’re probably right, so please contribute!
  • Assume good intentions. English is the language of the forum except for a couple subforums, but, it is not every user’s native language. Try to avoid too much slang, abbreviations, or idiomatic expressions.
  • Keep it civil, courteous and polite. No personal or ad hominem attacks.
  • Don’t waste people’s time.
  • Discussion should be on topic, related to hugo usage. No off-topic topics like general JavaScript or CSS, or politics, please.
  • Consider this forum as the official support forum, not Stack Overflow or Reddit.

We haven’t had to do it very often, but, we reserve the right to ban or suspend from this community anyone who cannot play by the rules. Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.

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Please help me add an external link to my site
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Image loads on the local server but not on the live website
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Last modified .gitinfo from git-submodule
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Looking for a handy HUGO development environment
"Make your site browsable from a local file system"
Confused as to how related content works and how to make it work
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Expectations, documentation and dividing Hugo into 'core' and 'web-builder'
Local Server badly generates my website
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Directory Tree Problem with config.yml and menu.yml - how to fix?
Image Maps
Hugo detects css changes but output doesn't change
Can’t get both static home page AND pages in sub folders to work at the same time
URL Domain prepending
Hugo degrades image quality even with disabling image processing options
Font change doesn't take effect while hugo server is running
Nested sorting for page resources
Sections with content in two different places
Custom Output Formats not working after upgrading to 91.2
OT: Generate tar or pdf of documents
M4a Player in shortcodes example
Range newbie: how to control range with respect to subfolders
Mailto: resets to baseURL
Adding a content directory tree stops posts from listing
Custom taxonomy catch ID
Advice For A Beginner Needing More Than Quickstart, Less Than Specific Functionality
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Pagination Reverse Date Order - Massively Theme
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Load individual JSON files for each page
Beginners tutorial?
URLs not correctly rewritten after publish?
How to (reverse) sort frontmatter list
Heading anchors not working for me
Can't access the Front Matter Params of a taxonomy page from within a Shortcode
Images ... still don't appear
Cannot disable pagination in terms page, even after removing .Paginator
How to sort in reverse order by preserving the order?
Pulling taxonomy terms from taxonomy page files?
Url in front matter not work
What are the uses of $ in Hugo
Paginator is reversed
Bad image quality resizing
List tags are not working in hugo content site page
Partial -> html Document -> Shortcodes
Live preview - Rebuild failed
REF_NOT_FOUND: Ref doesn't work
Problem editing CSS
Use theme instead of layouts
Single Page blogging: All posts on the homepage
absLangURL for BaseURL
HTML footer from different pages finds no image
Site displaying blank page
The static assets doesn't load in child pages
My thumbnail image and summary doesn't show up in links
Hugo Doesn't Like Embedded HTML which contain UTF-8 Characters
Adding front matter to the folder / list page | list page bare HTML issue
Section breaks breadcrumb
The use of baseof
CSS not found in production
CSS not found in production
How to sort by filename
Error: render of page failed
Theme not rendering correclty
Hugo site, either local or on Netlify, doesn't detect my content folders
Image blank time to time / 304 not modified
Unable to locate config
Meta - noindex by default ? (seo)
Ananke theme hugo module does not exist error
Syntax highlighting not working as expected with styles besides monokai
Doc navigation with table of contents subnav
Goldmark: paragraphs and footnotes
Need Help Regarding Params
[Solved]Cannot get navigation links to render using config.toml
How to get my site organized this way?
Pagination broken after updates
Hugo Quickstart: cannot install Ananke theme
[SOLVED] Not able to install theme/set it in config
Error creating page for list of posts
The different ways of adding a theme
How to purge TailwindCSS
How to get my site organized this way?
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.Page.Hugo is deprecated console warning
.Page.Hugo is deprecated console warning
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Windows 10 ransomware protection blocking Hugo
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Error calling ExecuteAsTemplate: type <nil>
String / Variable Concatenation to build Path for partial
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Hugo Goldmark for html not working on hosted site
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Help keep this forum practical
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Found no layout file for "JSON" for kind "page": You should create a template file which matches Hugo Layouts Lookup Rules for this combination
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I18n and layout probleme
[OT]: Unable To Update Java
Taxonomy for Authors returns 404
Install on Debian Linux + Blist theme fail misarably
Image links work on localhost, break on the server
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Where do self-hosted fonts in themes go?
Logical "and" in "where" query
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Install on Debian Linux + Blist theme fail misarably
Range skipping some items in front matter
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I'm stuck!
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CSS broken on GitHub pages
Excluded section from RSS, but rssLimit is still dependent on it
Date sorting not working properly?
Issue updating the Hugo Hero Theme title
Dynamic page with content from different files
Use shortcodes in file included with `readFile`
Adding list of tags to my homepage
Loop through a nested section for the homepage / index.html
Blockcode in markdown is error when render
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Posted date on pages showing January 1, 0001
Posts with more than 10 years are not shown
Hugo failing to render content
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Documents posted on GitHub looks different from rendered by Hugo
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Once more: Problems with locally hosted Google fonts
Responsive imgset
Hugo post won't upload
Create references/sources shortcode with URLs in front matter
Create references/sources shortcode with URLs in front matter
Dividing the content by subheading for Algolia search
Recent posts not showing on sidebar
Recent posts not showing on sidebar
Adding animations to Hugo site
.Params not working in
Unhelpful error
CSS Map file not created on GitHub build, but is on local build
No duplicates in Category list
Group by Day then Time like Scripting Notes
Loop Problem
Using Html instead of Markdown
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Get the last section
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Resizing the Cover image
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Summary on home page
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Taxonomy list is alwasy empty
Site is not properly rendering on localhost - Chrome, but it's working fine if signed with other account, incognito or a different browser
Highlight current menu item - config.toml
Listing tags in posts of specific category
Loop all pages in a folder on homepage
How do I add a simple child page?
Delimiters dont seem to work after escaping
Custom Robots.txt and sitemap.xml Templates
How to make Hugo working with multiple versions
Rendering Subdomain Image

Reformatted the other day for readability, and added links to release notes today.

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