Create a new page with custom layout

I am running the “Meghna Hugo” theme right now.

Under the services section, I created a CTA where the reader can “learn more.”

I want that link to take them to a new page where I have laid out the more in depth detail.

When I read documentation on how to create a new hugo page, it seemed simple.
I ran `hugo new’ and this created a .md file in my congtent folder.

However, it automatically applies the `layouts/_default/single.html" layout to my new page, which is really just designed for blog posts.

How and where do I assign that file to the layout template I made?

I created a pagename.html file. but if I add that edited html code into single.html, it works, but that prevents me from being able to also have a blog on my site.

I’m just not understanding from the documentation how to organize and name the files so that I can create custom additional pages.

Thanks for your help!

You could use content types for this:

Thank you.

I created a “type” in content called “products”, and moved my file into that folder.

in theme/layouts I also created a folder called “products” and moved my productname.html file into that folder.

I declared in the front matter that type is “product” and layout is .

Nothing has worked though.

We need some more info to be able to help you, so please have a look at Requesting Help and provide some more details, especially your repo? Thanks.