Html does not render correctly

I crearted a static website, then built it using the command hugo, but it adds slashes to all links and the site is not rendered correctly. for example <link href="/css/hugo-theme.css?1621751905" rel="stylesheet"> should be <link href="css/hugo-theme.css?1621751905" rel="stylesheet">

It is hard to remove all slashes manually. the version I use is 0.82

Hi there,

From what you have posted the output seems entirely correct, so I think you have some other issue. If the link to your styles did not have a preceding slash (an absolute path) then only the homepage would have linked styles, as all other pages would reference the style relative to themselves.

For example would be trying to load the css from which is clearly incorrect.

You’ve not provided enough information for anyone to be able to help you. Please see this guide requesting help.

Thank you for the answer. look on the public folder in this repo, if you will try to run this website you will notice the problem. public · main · Production-Demos / aws-workshop · GitLab

This is not a Hugo issue. Your theme apparently uses query strings for cache busting assets (i.e. the part after ? in your links), which is considered pretty old school method now and advised against. I imagine that your webserver is simply not set up for this method of cache busting.

Short answer; this looks like an issue with your theme and your web server. Quick fix? Dsiable asset busting in your theme. Longer term I’d recommend a more modern way of cache busting your assets.
Good overvieews of the topic here: Cache Busting Front-end Resources: Is File Name Revving Still Necessary? - Impressive Webs and here: Strategies for Cache-Busting CSS | CSS-Tricks