Github Site not rendering in Hugo Theme

Hello! I am very new to Hugo and Github and would appreciate any help I could get. I recently made a Hugo site through R Markdown using the Creative Portfolio theme, and then pushed it to my Github page. I’ve been having a couple of problems with the page, though. First and most importantly, when I push my page, the main page loads with the creative portfolio theme, but the portfolio pages are not rendered into the theme, it just looks like it’s in basic HTML. Do you have any idea of what this could be because of or how to fix it?

Second, is it possible to delete posts or portfolio pages? If so, how? Every time I try on my computer it deletes it on the local Hugo site but I can’t get those changes to commit on github.

Finally, I can’t get ‘description’ in the frontmatter of an Rmd file to show up on the main page of my site - it just shows the first few lines of the page. I want the description that is in the frontmatter of the Rmd file to show up on the main page so people know what they are clicking on. Thanks!

Based on the information provided, that sounds a bit like the CSS files don’t load properly. That’s something you can easily verify with the ‘Network’ tab of the browser’s developers tools (press F12). You’ll see broken links there for the CSS assets.

If that’s the cause, it typically happens by not setting the baseURL configuration variable in your configuration file properly.

Hugo renders pages based on files in the /content/ folder, which you can optionally also ‘hide’ from rendering by setting their draft variable to true (because Hugo only renders non-draft pages by default).

But based on the information provided I cannot tell why you cannot commit those changes.

For me there’s not information in your post to even guess about what’s going on here.

Now you can either wait until someone with experience of R Markdown and the Creative Portfolio theme visits this thread. But that’s only a small subset of Hugo users, so that might not happen. :thinking:

Another option is to look at the requesting help suggestions, which has tips that make it easier for people on the forum to help you.