Side Panel with latest blog post - I need to update all pages?

Is my assumption correct?

I have a website with 500 pages, and a side panel that displays the 5 latest blog posts - when I add a new post I would have to update all 500 pages to make the 5 latest post in the side panel show correctly?

Is that right? (I recall that iframe is something that should be avoided, would be interested if there are any other tricks (but I guess not with a purely static page))

Without seeing your code it’s impossible to know for sure, but I think the answer’s yes, the whole site will be rebuilt and deployed. The good thing about Hugo is that this will only a take a second or two (or maybe less!).

No. The side panel should show the latest post on top of the list if you re-build the site. But as suggested :point_down:

Yeah, I thought so. Will probably look into SFTP then (using FTP now, which takes like forever).

Also test some PHP code to update directly from server side for daily exchange rates. No need for blog posts, but maybe interesting for automated google feeds in the side panel.

Yep, it will update all pages and for (so far) unknown reasons SFTP does not work. Takes a few Minutes to do the upload.

But the latest posts in the side panel with the easy ticker plugin work nicely.