Testing Hugodocs web site on Amazon Amplify and get error

I’m trying to test the Hugodocs web page inside the Amazon Amplify setup, but while compiling I keep getting message:
ERROR 2020/12/27 15:59:28 Failed to get JSON resource “https://api.instagram.com/oembed/?url=https://instagram.com/p/BWNjjyYFxVx/&hidecaption=0”: Failed to retrieve remote file: Bad Request

curious is that the info about hidecaption only shows up inside the shortcodes.md file and I deleted all words related to this, and still while compiling keeps trying to access this JSON link, which works without the “hidecaption” option.
So build doesn’t move forward as have this error.

As I’m totally new to Hugo, plus also new to coding so any idea where to go ?


Hello @vander

Since Hugo v.0.77.0 one can use ignoreErrors = ["error-remote-getjson"] in the project’s config.

Either your local fork of Hugo Docs is older than November the 2nd. In which case I would suggest that you make a hard reset of your local fork to the remote origin and then pull the latest changes.


The Hugo version that you use on Amplify is lower than Hugo 0.77.0

Also see the Requesting Help topic, it contains some useful tips for beginners.

Hi Alexandros,
Thanks for quick answer.

I’ll have to check which version its on this demo, as basically I downloaded the whole Hugodocs demo from Hugo web page two days ago, and tested it locally and it worked, but then when I uploaded it to Amplify I got this error message.
As I didn’t compile the original code, just copied it, now when Amplify seems to compile it then got this error.

The config.toml file I’m using has already this ignore errors line, so seems it should work:

baseURL = "/"
paginate =  100
defaultContentLanguage = "en"
enableEmoji = true
# Set the unicode character used for the "return" link in page footnotes.
footnotereturnlinkcontents = "↩"
languageCode = "en-us"
title = "Hugo"

ignoreErrors = ["error-remote-getjson"]

googleAnalytics = "UA-7131036-4"

pluralizeListTitles = false

# We do redirects via Netlify's _redirects file, generated by Hugo (see "outputs" below).
disableAliases = true

    min = "0.56.0"
    path = "github.com/gohugoio/gohugoioTheme"

home = [ "HTML", "RSS", "REDIR", "HEADERS" ]
section = [ "HTML", "RSS"]

delimiter = ""

mediatype = "text/netlify"
baseName = "_redirects"
isPlainText = true
notAlternative = true
mediatype = "text/netlify"
baseName = "_headers"
isPlainText = true
notAlternative = true


threshold = 80
includeNewer = true
toLower = false

name = "keywords"
weight = 100
name  = "date"
weight = 10
pattern = "2006"

twitter = "GoHugoIO"

# See https://github.com/disintegration/imaging
# CatmullRom is a sharp bicubic filter which should fit the docs site well with its many screenshots.
# Note that you can also set this per image processing.
resampleFilter = "CatmullRom"

# Default JPEG quality setting. Default is 75.
quality = 75

anchor = "smart"

I did a test with another demo code, oricodes, and it worked, so later I’ll have to get to this hugodocs and try to find out why this error message shows up while compiling it.

As inside it I saw something that they use Netlify as host then maybe there are some codes there that I couldn’t understand yet.