How does defaultContentLanguageInSubDir work?

Best documentation for how defaultContentLanguageInSubDir: true is implemented and how do debug issues with defaultContentLanguageInSubDir not directing has been and its github.

However, I am still unable to identify why my GitLab pages hosted hugo site does not redirect from
root (/) to default language (/en) in my case.

├── en

As advertised, but having the just following in my config.toml is not doing the trick for me. How should I think about debugging this?

Specifically, how does hugo server know to issue HTTP redirect for defaultContentLanguageInSubdir? Is it 301 that it throws? If I have setup like “mydomain dot org” CNAME “mitpu.gitlab dot io”, then does the redirect work?

DefaultContentLanguage = "en"
defaultContentLanguageInSubdir = true

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