Rstudio/blogdown: Install_hugo() warning message and permission denied

I am tryng to install hugo, but get this error. What does it mean?

It means that you are on a UNIX system and to copy any program into /usr/local you require to have file rights to create a file. As I don’t know what steps you take to “install hugo” I can’t say much. Sometimes it’s enough to run the last command with sudo, but to be honest, if you already don’t understand the output of your command, then that might be an insecure solution. Maybe tell a little bit more of what you try to do and/or try another installation option.

I’m just trying to make a blog with blogdown, and it appears to be working although I haven’t tried to add it to github and netlify yet. Is this error a concern then?

None of this has anything to do with the error message about installing Hugo. When you find the time to properly ask your question you will be helped.

I used this line in RStudio, which gave me the warning message in the first post: install_hugo()

I think that you will have a better chance of getting an informed reply at the Rstudio Blogdown support channels.

A casual search wielded the following GitHub issue which seems similar to yours.

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