Text and Pictures Not displayed on Homepage

Hello, I’ve built a site and my text and pictures were working properly a few months ago.

However, text and picture on Homepage are not working properly right now. I can’t see them.

Here are the code:

Thank you Hugo Community! I would love to know if anyone has had this problem before.

Hi there,

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If I have found the correct website for ‘Simakov Group Website’ then it may be a browser/security issue.

The site can only be viewed as http:// not as https:// so might it be that your web browser is not rendering images as a result of the ‘insecure content’? It is also possible that ‘insecure content’ is blocked elswhere on your network.

Even if this is not the cause of the problem it would be good to see if you can get a security certificate applied to the site and force traffice over https://

Hi there,

The website you found online is last version, which is the one I brought online a few months ago.

However, I did not change code or anything else, I just ran it again on my local website(localhost) and right now it’s not working properly. It really confuses me.

In that case I think you may need to provide more detail. Take a look at the link suggested by @pointyfar

I will do it, thank you.