Having trouble fixing tab title text

So I currently have a site set up with a side menu and a main page for blog posts. And have a line in my menu.html that gets displayed on every page "SiteName - {{ .Title }} ".

Currently when mousing over the page tab at the top of the browser, the text popup displays “SiteName -
Home” when I’m on the homepage. This is because in my config.toml I have the line "title = ‘Home’ " which is all fine and good until I navigate to another page.

If I go to my “Contact” page which contains the line "title = ‘Contact’ ", which is located under “/content/contact/” the mouseover title on the browser tab is “SiteName - Contacts” instead of “SiteName -

So every page that isn’t the homepage has an “s” appended to the title when I mouseover the tab at the top of the browser (unless the page title actually contains an “s” at the end, in which case no “s” is appended but the text would be “SiteName - Upcoming-events” instead of “SiteName - Upcoming Events”).

How do I make it so that each page has the title displayed correctly when mousing over the tab at the top of the browser?

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Sorry about that, I ended up fixing it by adding a line to my single.html and list.html files: {{ .Title }} - SiteName