As Beginner, should I create .Md or .HTML pages

I just started to learning HUGO and implementing that on live project…I did make one site with I guess…unstructured manners…not the right way.

just saw videos on youtube and follow them to create all .html files manually.

Here is the site:

Can anyone help…what should be right way to start…should I not create .html pages myself instead of .md pages which hugo will generate once I publish.

Pls help.


This was marked as spam, probably due to the site linked.

We need some more info to be able to help you, so please have a look at Requesting Help and provide some more details. Thanks.

It’s typically easier to write content in Markdown format than in raw HTML.

For instance, you can type in Markdown:

My new site is live [here](

Or write it in raw HTML like so:

<p>My new site is live <a href="" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>

And the amount of typing that’s required with raw HTML becomes even more when you need to make tables, for example.

Thanks for quick reply.

I wants to create one single page site with Hugo, which have near 5-6 sections (links in header nav), once clicked on anyone that should be redirect to respective sections on the same home page.

So what should I use listing.html or single.html ?

getting confused to start setup.

Please help.


Thanks Jura,

Agreed!, that .md file is easy to create even have less code structured.

but my question is to take which file for one page site, which have 5-6 sections on homepage and that would be linked with header nav.

Can you link the repo for your site?

If you want a single top page, that’s index.html.

Site is in local now, not created repo yet.

here is site design:

can you just tell me what structure I should take to create site like this.

I mean, single.html then .md page for each section ?

For that, you might not even need a markdown file :slight_smile:

Check out the Creative theme (its Demo is linked on that page).

Fantastic! this is the exact sample what I am looking, then to create this kind of template I need to create all partials template (.html) files only, right?

also If I need to add blog on site then, .MD file need to create (content/blog/, right?