Multiple blogs in a single domain

Hi there, I am trying to create two blogs for the same domain, i.e. one under /posts/ (the main blog) and another under /recipes/. Until now I was using a “hack” by naming one of the posts under /recipes/ as “” in particular the post I wanted to show first.

The theme I am using is BeatifulHugo ( After some updates to the theme that trick is not working anymore.

I have checked this question in the forum:, some of the links posted there ( and also Steve Francia’s repo (

From Steve’s repo I see that he has a specific folder with templates in the /layout/ of the theme for each section.

After all I am inclined to think that this is a theme dependent feature. Could you point me to what is missing in this specific theme ( to be able to have two separate blogs?


Hi everybody, I am also interested in this subject. Unfortunately no one answered this user and I will ask the question again:
is it possible to use blog module for blogging, and then to use it once again for posting e.g. tutorials?

I thought there should be no problem - just copy the blog partial and configure it to pick up input data from another contents folder - but I can’t find that config file. It looks like it’s function of Hugo Pipes, but where are those pipes?!

Please help!

Please have a look at the following Docs regarding how to run multiple blogs in a Hugo project:

If you have any more specific questions then please ask in a new topic.

Also have a look at the Requesting Help guidelines.

It is not really useful to bump old threads as these contain outdated info. This old topic is also outdated and I’m closing it.