Issue with viewing /posts on Hugo site, GitHub pages

I have my very, basic Hugo site being hosted on GitHub pages. All the pages load and display the minimal content except for /posts

If I serve the site locally using the following conditions, /posts is visible:

  • hugo server -D
  • draft: true

If I serve the site locally using the following conditions, /posts is Error 404:

  • hugo server
  • draft: false

As far as I can see, my ‘site/config.toml’ does not have any over-riding flags re DRAFTs.

OK, reference to seeking help, I upply the following:

$ hugo env
Hugo Static Site Generator v0.55.6 linux/amd64 BuildDate: 2019-05-18T11:36:07Z

Site repository:

I checked again, so ‘hugo server’ all works, ‘hugo server -D’, no /posts. I am guessing so am looking for a mis-configured page title.


It’s difficult to say what is not working without seeing your code, please see Requesting Help .

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We will need to see the Hugo site code; this is the one with config.toml, content folder etc., not the contents of your public folder, which is what is in

I have generated a ‘Tree’ map from the site baseroot, and included my current ‘config.toml’:

Thank you.

When you run hugo server try it with the --verbose flag, to see if you can get any more detailed errors.

I did not have this issue until I added extra pages into the ‘ezhil’ theme. I will redo a new site, add a page, and see what happens, the issue is related to that I feel.

Edit: I think I have found the issue, will confirm shortly.

Edit: No, the issue was not the one causing the no /posts’. The example that the THEME author uses on, works as per spec. However if I follow his instructions exactly, it does not for me.

Perhaps it is my Hugo/Golang version as compared to the one he used for his THEME developments? Irregardless I have emailed him and await his reply.