Dummies Guide to Hugo?

I have been through the quick start guide. I have a site… but no content. I’m needing a Dummies Guide to Hugo type thing to teach me Hugo. I have basic web page building knowledge. I used to build html sites. I don’t know php, or any other real coding language. In the end, I would like to build a site to host the entire Bible through Hugo. So imagine a large document type of content. Any help would greatly be appreciated. Thanks!


Hi @preacher, some folks have found this tutorial useful (disclaimer: I wrote it) https://zwbetz.com/make-a-hugo-blog-from-scratch/

I would also checkout Regis Philibert’s Hugo articles, they’re well written https://regisphilibert.com/tags/hugo/

I’m sure others on this forum will give you tutorials they found helpful as well

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For tutorials and tips n tricks outside the docs, checkout:

Some Discussion:

@zwbetz Thank you! Some guides tend to resonate with some people better. I was looking over your guide, and trying it on a half built site… I think I’m going to start from scratch and follow your guide. I like the theme you use too. Thanks for the info.

I like the second link too.

@mojoa Thanks for the links as well. I will have to look through these as well. I breezed over them. There is a lot of material there.

I’m not a coder, but rather a person that is able to learn by looking at examples, and following guides. I don’t have the time to invest to become a coding expert, but I do have interest in it. So, can an average joe build a website in Hugo?

As a tip, I would recommend spending some time listing out requirements for your project. That will help you understand what you are trying to achieve and keep focus.
Have Fun!

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I found this free YouTube instruction playlist very helpfull:


In sake of making Hugo as beginner friendly as possible, adding a “tutorial / guide” section to the docs - similar to Gatsby’s docs - would be helpful. Incorporating your write-up in this would be a great start.

Would this have any support with the maintainers?