Image blank time to time / 304 not modified

I’m using as a base the starter for tailwind : GitHub - bep/hugo-starter-tailwind-basic: A basic and simple to set up Hugo with TailwindCSS starter project.
Everything works fine but I got an issue that I tried to solve with Cloudinary but without success. So I did some test with Imgix / google cloud / S3 but the problem is still here.
I have some images (for exemple logo) that are stored in static and I don’t have any issue but all the images stored outside display but after some navigation no the site become blank (space is still here but no image, just white bg). When cleaning browser cache image is back for a while.
The problem occurs locally but also with netlify.
What is even more weird is that for if I open dev tool in browser the image become visible (without reloading the page)…
Do you have any idea where this can come from?

Please provide link to your site repo as per Requesting Help otherwise we cannot help you.

sure. you can find it here : GitHub - globaticolabs/globatico

here is the url :
you have to navigate / reload etc to see the beach image to disappear. The plane above is stored in git (page bundle) and logo in /static

I have added an image processing to test with images outside of /static (image is in bundle) and I got the same issue than with external images from Cloudinary.
exemple : Here we go with article 1 super attractive title!
first time you load the page the images is visible, when you reload or navigate and back the image is not visible, there is a blank area instead.

I am unable to reproduce your issue.

Hugo is able to generate your images in the correct locations, and the browser shows no errors about missing images. This may be an issue with your browser or cache or something else, but it does not look like a Hugo problem.

It’s something I ‘investigate’ since weeks and tried on different browsers / machines / ISP. And it’s back and back mostly in Chrome I would say.
There is nothing in my setting / pipeline that could lead to an issue with cache? Images are back in 2 cases :

  • when I clean the cash and reload
  • when I open the dev tool in browser : images are back without reload
    It’s annoying and I guess it’s related to hugo because images in /static has no issues. If in other location / external storage > problem.