Need advice for website

I am new to both the forum and Hugo.
Hugo is great.
But I need help with several things.

First of all :

  • I know only basic html which is almost of no use.
  • I do know tiny little amount of markdown however. [who doesn’t]
  • I really want to avoid html, css or javascript at this moment.
  • When answering following questions if you can please point out where in Hugo’s documentation those solves are written, cause this way I might be able to learn something new and have a reference where I might be able to learn stuff I did not notice earlier :slight_smile:
  • Please try to give examples using markdown if possible :stuck_out_tongue:
    [if you give examples]

Here are my current questions : [There will be more in future ;)]

  • In college I was taught every website has an index page i.e: index.html
    I want to be able to edit that page of my website using markdown :stuck_out_tongue:
    How do I do that ?

  • I am using the theme hugo-theme-hello-friend
    I build this with just hugo comand.
    But after building this example site, when I click on about menu it takes me to some kind of file browsing form, which lists an index.html file.
    That HTML does contain the about page but this is not what I expected.
    But when I browse using hugo server -D clicking on about takes me to the about page i.e: http://localhost:port/about/
    This is the expected behavior and not the index.html I described.
    Also could I make it ? How?
    I don’t want it to be
    I want it to be either or after building the site.
    How can I do that?
    It has about and showcase menu options which are defined in config.toml as :

    identifier = "about"
    name = "About"
    url = "/about"
    identifier = "showcase"
    name = "Showcase"
    url = "/showcase"
  • If I use HTML files then I would use some tag to link a page to another like this: Hugo
    The problem is if this was an html then I could point to it.
    But now I don’t know what to point to.
    Cause the file I want to point to is a .md not .html

Hope you guys understood.
That’s all I have for now.
Please answer my questions.
Thanks for reading. :slight_smile:

you have a lot of questions, but the DOCs and this forum have a search funtion, this can help you.
Try to understand the samples in your theme, more links to repositories are here in the forum.

PS: you have to create content/about/ etcc to get it working with your menu.

and RTFM!

Please read the docs. Most of your questions are answered there, and it is more important for you to know many parts of Hugo rather than us hunt down answers for you. Please ask questions when you’ve started a site, have a project to share as per the Requesting Help guidelines, and then we’ll be able to solve your specific issues.