_index.md snafu

Starting to hate @GoHugoIO … was missing an _index.md (i have a index.md already!) and my site wasn’t rendering. No warning. Lots of other people have hit this behaviour judging by Index.md vs _index.md … crazy

Sorry, had to post the frustration somewhere.

While I’m here moaning, this also cost me a truck ton of time .IsMenuCurrent returns false for single pages

I re-categorized to #tips-tricks, as you didn’t use any question marks, something I’m so accustomed to in #support, I now insist they be used.

What is that, like, a microblog handle? A git repo hosting service user?

Agree to disagree; you could have been more constructive and lead a conversation to clarify the ideas, update the docs, that sorta thing. Instead you claimed the project does “crazy” things that cost you “a truck ton of time”.

I keep checking, we just don’t have a good category for this. :thinking:


Another thing in Hugo I find very jarring from a UX POV.

raw html is pruned out of markdown… why? security reasons?? What is the reasoning?!

How come say Github’s markdown has no issue with basic HTML markup ?

The work around is this ugly addition to config.yaml

  defaultMarkdownHandler: goldmark
      unsafe: true


Thank you for the lovely RTFM which doesn’t explain the reasoning of why Github markdown allows HTML and Goldmark strips it out.

Perhaps we will never know.

You are welcome.

You are also welcome to ask the Goldmark maintainer the ‘why’. Hugo != Goldmark.

Or, you know, just use Blackfriday.

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Ok I’ll use the non-default, because the default doesn’t work and we don’t know why.


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First time I’ve been asked to check with a chosen dependency’s reasoning. :laughing:

Guess the buck stops there and not with the Hugo maintainers!

Your assessment comes off as colored by your recent frustrating experience, but I wanted to remind you this is a public forum.

Free and open source software works by contributing to each other. It doesn’t make sense for the Hugo forums to hold the conversations about how an upstream project works; even if we found a solution, we’d have to go report it there.

We are asking you to take a moment and acclimate yourself to how this project works, and either do that, or constructively give feedback. Ranting in the forums is not covered in either case.

We good?


About the unsafe flag.

@hendry You want Hugo to set unsafe: true by default, right?

As it turns out, that suggestion has already been rejected by bep. This issue was found on the Hugo repository easily.


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It could be a solution to have a look at Eleventy (11ty): https://www.11ty.dev/

This nice SSG is perhaps better for your logic: index and not _index, lot of template languages (https://www.11ty.dev/docs/languages/), html in your .md files, etc.

Because they have a staff of thousand people to implement other more fine grained safety measures.

We have had this discussion before, but when a third party library comes with a unsafe option you need a persuasive argument to add that to Hugo with the default set to unsafe. I agree that it is inconvenient, but I could also imagine Hacker news posts going in the other direction:

My Hugo site was hacked, turns out the default settings are set to unsafe!!!


We have guidelines for Requesting Help that are displayed at the very top of this forum (big pink banner).

These guidelines are required reading before opening a topic.

As stated in the guidelines:

It is plain as pie that the above rule was not followed because the issues raised in this topic have already been exhausted in past topics of this forum.

At the end of the day this is a support forum and one has to do their homework first.