Uploaded Hugo site not rendering properly

I am pretty new to Hugo, and the last time I designed a website was in the 90’s, so please bear with me. I have used the Infinity theme to build what I consider to be quite an acceptable website, and when rendered using the local server (using the CLI command hugo server) everything is formatted or styled in the manner that I want.

My understanding is that now I simply need to copy the public directory contents (and nothing else) over to the web server of my host company. Using FTP I have done so. When I now view the website however, although all the content is there (images, text etc.) the formatting is completely screwed up and has no bearing to the infinity theme at all.

You can view it here: Link removed due to browser security warning

Please advise. What am I missing? HostPapa who are hosting the website for me, state that it appears as if CSS files are missing. Am I also meant to upload the theme independently? What commands am I meant to run to do the final build? Perhaps that is wrong (I have yet to find solid documentation for Hugo explaining how to upload to a generic service provider like Host Papa, but I have come across articles such as this:

These provide some but not all the required information. There are various blogs and forums that detail how to get up and running and running the website from a local server, but nothing really on how to finally deploy to an actual web hosting company a fully working site, apart from a particular handful of “famous brands” (which I can’t link to directly, as your forum prohibits more than 2 links, sorry)

So to sum up, what do I do to get my website loading up fully and rendering in the same manner as I see it rendered on my local machine?

Thank you.

Hello @witenite

First of all the link you provided throws a browser security warning and as such it has been removed.

Please do not post this link again.

Also I have renamed the topic title to something less sensational.

However to get support in this forum you need to provide access to your project’s source code for people to see what’s going on and provide feedback.

Please do have a look at the Requesting Help topic. These guidelines are required reading before opening a support ticket.

Thank you.

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Check the browser’s developer tools for errors, any resources that aren’t loading will show up as errors. This can help identify permissions problems on the server.

Thanks EggMan. That’s very useful, I’ll use that. Ultimately I found that the host or service provider was caching my website, so when I updated my website, the updates were not immediately coming through. Even when I cleared my local cache, it did not help. Ultimately the service provider disabled Web caching at least until I have completed my site development. They will re-enable it once more when I let them know I am done.

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