Upgrading problems

I’m upgrading our hugo installation from 0.30.2 to 0.55.6. Is there a place where I can read about the breaking changes somewhere or do I need to read the announcements one by one?

All relrefs stopped working so I changed the naming of all index.md to _index.md and fixed the relative paths so we got rid of the errors (I think this is was a change in 0.32, https://gohugo.io/news/0.32-relnotes/). But there are still issues. Some index.html-files generated are empty and I have no idea why, there are no errors except for two warnings:

WARN 2019/05/27 06:17:01 Page’s .RSSLink is deprecated and will be removed in a future release. Use the Output Format’s link, e.g. something like:
{{ with .OutputFormats.Get “RSS” }}{{ .RelPermalink }}{{ end }}.
WARN 2019/05/27 06:17:01 make non-relative ref/relref page reference(s) in page %q absolute, e.g. {{< ref “/blog/my-post.md” >}}

And I guess since they’re “only” warnings, they shouldn’t cause this.

Is there a best practices how to debug when bumping in to problems like these?

I linked the release notes at the top of this page:

Just knock off the problems one by one. It’s tedious, but it is the only way in my opinion. That being said, make sure you’re using the --verbose switch on hugo server so that it will give just a bit more info than usual. It’s safe to ignore the ones that are talking about deprecation, since that just means “this will eventually break”.

(Edit: I mean, ignore them for now, until you have time to fix them.)