[OT]: Ananke - Header size of image


I’m starting with Hugo since 2 weeks, trying some change and import and I stuck on the header frame.
I use Ananke theme and the header size is depending of:
Image Background: featured_image: ‘/images/gohugo-default-sample-hero-image.jpg’
Size of header: description: " […]"
More word in description, more the header will be tall - A tittle and a description and we see part of the image
In cat3 - There are no description, juste a “title” and we do not see the full image (less than page with description, that is how I know that description upscale the size of the header )
In contact/ - A bit of description, we see a lot of the image

The thing that I want is that the header is ALWAYS 100% of the image size.
No matter the size of the image, no matter if there is description or tittle, I want that the header block size of 100% of the image’s height. I see 2 solution for that. Put a max height of the header and I resize image to enter fully in the header or define the header heigh as 100% of the image. That last solution seems better for future update.
That way, I can change the image when I want and the site will always use it at full size. For now I do not like the fact that the header change size and show more or less of the image.

I do not find any way to do that as parameter in my post.md and I’ve search in theme/ananke files but didn’t find some parameters that I can change.

Is someone can help me to do that ?

In this forum we do not provide support for CSS questions only Hugo related questions.

You need to ask at the Ananke theme’s repo issues tracker about offering a parameter that controls they height of the header image.

With that said one way to go about it would be to set the div .bg-black-60 so that its height is always that of the viewport irrespective of content i.e. height: 100vh

But then again that might not be ideal and you may need to redesign parts of the theme.

Therefore it is best to ask the theme authors as they are the ones who can help you best.

Thank you for redirection.
I will post on this issues tracker

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