Random Or Automatically Featured Image?

Dear All

If I have hundreds posts without any images inside, is it possible to set random featured image without inserting it one by one?
Maybe via config.yaml that can add featured images randomly or automatically?


@BayuAngora stop asking questions here in the forums. You need to read the docs. All of them. And share an active site that needs assistance. Your questions are answered in the docs, so you just need to read them a couple of times to gain the scaffolding you need to ask informed questions that assist with a problem you are having.

Afterward, read Requesting Help.


If you have a set of chosen images to pick from you can invoke them as random featured images by using a partial in a template with the shuffle function.

With that said I can understand why your topic was archived since the question is kind of vague.

If you want to continue this discussion in another topic then please share a sample repository with your project so that there is something more concrete to troubleshoot.