Featured images not showing on netlify but displayed in local

example _index.md

title: "Photos"
description: "Photo blogs and photo essays"
   featured_image: "/images/DSCF0462.jpeg"


Welcome to my blog with some of my work in progress. I've been working on posting more street photos in Tokyo.

Is /images a subdir of the dir _index.md is in? If so, you can’t do that with ‘branch bundles’, the image has to be in the same dir as the _index.md, or in /images/assets, or /static/images/, depending on the theme and what featured_image actually does based on the theme’s layouts.

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Thank you for the response Daniel. I am using the Ananke theme and I moved all of the images to the /static/images/ path and the featured_images are still not displayed on netlify.

At this point I’d say you need to read and follow Requesting Help, especially the part about providing a public repo with the issue, or a reproducible test case with a public repo that we can look at.

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One other ‘guess’ I have though, is that baseURL is not set correctly in your config.toml.


Thank you it seemed to be the baseURL since I changed the CNAME at some point. Next time I will post my repo if I have more issues.

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