Scary letters in Windows cmd

M:\Hugo>hugo server -v -w -F
INFO 2018/07/13 09:55:13 Using config file: M:\Hugo\config.toml
[?25lBuilding sites … INFO 2018/07/13 09:55:13 removing all files from destination that don’t exist in static dirs

looks like an escape sequence …

after Build it shows

[K25lBuilding sites … [?25h

We need more info to have a look into this.

Please have a look at the Requesting Help Topic

This is fixed in a recent Hugo version. Update.

Those are ANSI escape sequences. On a *nix-like terminal they are used to color the text.

Nothing scary or dangerous about them.

I know - this are escape sequences.
The new console in Win10 has problems with colors, with the old “LegacyConsole” all works fine.
Running in windows power shell works fine!

@bep: please compare with this:


I think MS are pushing PowerShell as the default anyway now. I switched over some time ago & rarely use cmd any more. I also use cmdr as my main terminal as it has lots more features.

My point is that in a recent Hugo version we changed this to NOT show these symbols on Windows.

sounds good!

I had no problems with this … but does not look clean.