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In my config.toml file, I have like


About=“some text here”

How do I make some text clickable in that file? I want the users to be able to click on a word(so it looks like a link) and then they come to that link on Wikipedia for example.


I am not sure what you are asking. Could you give another example?

I have some text in the about box on my homepage, and want to make some text clickable so if they click on it, they come to a link. So I wanna add a link basically, like this: But how can I do this in the config.toml file?

I’m still not sure exactly what you’re asking.

But, assuming you want the parameter in the config file to be the link text, you could do something like this:

<a href="">{{ .Site.Params.about }}</a>

Note, parameters in your config file should start with a lowercase letter, i.e. about not About.

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Okay but I don’t want the whole about text to be clickable, only one word. How can I do that?
And in my config.toml, it looks like this:
Name = “nameHere”
HeaderUsername = “somethingHere”
HeaderHostname = “somethinghere”
About = “some text about us”

I followed the github to setup it up and that works, so About works with capital A.

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I’m unable to help you further until you share some code. Please see Requesting Help.

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Well that is the code above, that is the file where I add text which shows up on the page. It’s code from config.toml file.

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Right. But that is not enough info (at least for me) to troubleshoot with. Can you share your site code, and/or your theme code?

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This is index.html
This is the theme I use:

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You can use markdown in the About value.

About = "Some [text]("

In the template:

{{ .Site.Params.About | markdownify }}

Alright I added exactly that and server runs without errors, but on the page it prints text instead of only the text that is underlined so you can click on it.

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Did you update the template as mentioned above?

You can do this by overriding the theme file. So copy this:


And paste it here:


Then update line 31 to be:

{{ .Site.Params.About | markdownify }}

Now it worked! I made a mistake and had wrote it too quickly so I had {{ .Site.Params.About }} | markdownify instead of {{ .Site.Params.About | markdownify }}. Thanks a lot for the help guys! Appreciate it!

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The stuff inside curly brackets or sets of curly brackets has special meaning to hugo.
In this case, that’s why putting markdownify outside the brackets had no effect.