0.66.0 not showing posts

I was running 0.17 (I think) and after upgrading and dealing with the RSSlink issue, the front page is empty. I can see posts in the categories page but the front page is empty.

                   | EN
  Pages            | 169
  Paginator pages  |   0
  Non-page files   |   0
  Static files     | 113
  Processed images |   0
  Aliases          |   1
  Sitemaps         |   1
  Cleaned          |   0

is there something I need to do for 0.66.0?



I found this:

Page lists broken in various theme demos in 0.57.0

and changed .Data.Pages to .Site.RegularPages which gets the front page back but older posts are not displaying as it adds an extra “blog” to the url:


going back from an older page breaks too. Seems the paginator no longer works as it adds a second “/blog” to the url in both directions.

.Paginator.Prev.URL and .Paginator.Next.URL have changed too as they now output the full url. Removing the 0.17 manual addition of the base directory solves the pagination issue.

next up, the pages don’t work…

{{ .Content }} is now adding <pre><code> to the content, rendering it as raw html

So broken content is down to the renderer change Content inside HTML tags missing in Latest Hugo?.

Using the suggested change sort of works. Half the HTML is displayed, the other half is still broken.

and the fun just continues. New posts have no date

the latest version doesn’t concatenate archetypes. I now have to explicitly set the date in the archetype date = {{ .Date }}

All of these issues you are live-blogging have already been discussed in this forum.

I am archiving this topic since it does not really offer anything new.

You are supposed to research first before opening a support topic.

Also this is a Support Forum not a live-blogging platform.

Hi @codebrane:

@alexandros has spoken the truth. I would just like to offer a tiny insight:

There have been some major changes between Hugo 0.17 (released October 2016) and Hugo 0.66.0 (released March 2020), a 3½ years timespan, which is a long timespan in the web software world. And indeed, Hugo has grown a in these 3½ and gained a lot of futures, and some changes to Hugo internals as well as its syntax are inevitable, and these changes have been announced previously.

So yes, it will take a little bit of work to modify your website to work with Hugo 0.66.0, but Hugo is so much more featureful and powerful, it is definitely worth the effort. :slight_smile: