Saving md file creates HTML file

Hello. Saving my md files have suddenly started creating an html file with all the front matter copied into meta tags.

<title>&quot;{{ replace .Name &quot;-&quot; &quot; &quot; | title }}&quot;</title>
<meta name="date" content="{{ .Date }}"/>

I’ve undone my recent attempts to create proper meta tags from the front matter, but that’s not helping.

I also tried to store a ‘notes md’ file in the root for my reference. Removed now… but might it have affected the configuration of the site?

Can anyone imagine why this is happening?

I started a fresh, local project with previous version files and am not having the issue. So, I wouldn’t mind some ideas about what I might have done, but we can consider this ticket closed. Thanks.

Hi there,

We are not able to tell what is happening without being able to replicate your issue. Please have a read about Requesting Help to see how.