Can't add page to root of site

In addition to custom taxonomies I need several pages with common stuff like

Here is example of how exactly this task should be done. I’ve created about folder inside content folder, placed my article as there. But I’m getting 404 error on http://localhost:1313/about/

Other pages located in sections folders are accessible. What I’m doing wrong? And more broad question: is any way to see what url Hugo assigns to certain file when compiling site?

In general, as the docs you link to say:

content/about/  =>

We don’t know what’s wrong because we cannot see your site code. Please have a read about Requesting Help to see how to make it easier to get help here.

In the meantime, check

  • that your page is not set to draft
  • you have a single.html layout somewhere
  • you don’t have any disableKinds config

After several hours I made refresh of page and error gone. Now works not only content/about/ but also /content/ - this way has even higher priority. Something strange happened but all well that ends well.

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