Manually changing date in page front matter stops page from being rendered

the dates/times on my hugo generated pages were wrong, so i manually altered the page front matters, and this prevents the pages from being rendered,

the output of hugo will go from:

Pages: 1805


Pages: 1804

i am in the process of fixing the auto generation of the times in posts.


i have a related issue - i cannot manually create a markdown file and stick it in /content, i seem to always need to run ‘hugo new’ in order to have hugo recognise my new pages

the git for my site is

and mysite is

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I tried to test it out, but your theme isn’t included.

In lieu of that, my next suggestion would be to start a new Hugo project and see if it works as you expect, with rendering the site and adding pages. If a simple project is working, then you can determine if it is your computer or the project or something else.

This is happening for me as well. I’m using the standard Beautiful Hugo theme with no modifications since its clone about a week ago (see:

Anyone got ideas?

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