How to replace the main image in Hugo AirSpace Theme

Hi there - I have downloaded the Hugo Airspace Theme and I am trying to replace the main image with my own but I am not quite sure how to do it. I have updated the src in the airspace.css but still no luck. Anyone have any recommendations?

I use the same theme, and i easiest thing is:

  • Just put your replacement image (name it slider-bg.jpg) in your static/img folder.
  • Same thing with wrapper-img.png

Do you have a github so I can see how you did it?

I have replaced it in the themes >> exampleSite folder >> static >> img
and I have replaced it in the main folder under static & img. Still no luck. Not sure what I’m missing…

Follow the advice at Requesting Help and share your project.

May be you should follow the most basic guides for hugo, it wiil help you a lot.

But do not change anything in exemple folder UNDER the them folder. It is not used in this place.

In your case:

  • example site folder is not functional as is. You have to mimic it/copy it in your hugo folder.
  • then you’ll have an example of site using the Airspace theme.
  • only when you have that working, you can make your first attempt at personalize it
  • for example, change the main title on the config.toml file
  • when you suceeded on that, just do what I adviced on my 1rst post. Should work as expected then.

Good luck.

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