Adding a logo to Hyde theme

I’m trying to add a logo to the sidebar of the Hyde theme; however, I can’t work out where I should be inserting the logo.png file.

I’m currently in the partials folder; but, when I place the image here it comes up with:

Error: "C:\Users\**\themes\hyde\layouts\partials\logo.png:8:1": parse failed: template: partials/logo.png:8: unexpected "|" in command

Also, where in the ‘sidebar.html’ should I be inserting the image? Here is the current code:

<aside class="sidebar">
<div class="sidebar-about">
  <a href="{{ .Site.BaseURL }}"><h1>{{ .Site.Title }}</h1></a>
  <p class="lead">

Hi. Please read Requesting Help and follow the suggestions about sharing your code.

Your message sounds conflicted, because you are asking where to insert the image, but you’ve also already inserted it somewhere? We’d have to see how you are storing the logo, and how you want to add it. So please share a repo (even if it is a test repo just for this), so we can easily clone it and assist. :slight_smile:

Apart from maiki’s note: Static files like logos go into the static folder. You can then add it from there to your template.

First read:

Then add it to your sidebar template (<img src="/path/inside/static/dir/to/logo.png">):

Another quick way is probably to see if the theme author had to answer the same question in the issues on Github before.


That worked perfectly!! Thanks for your help.