Bad website rendering with Hugo SSG and Gitlab Pages


I wanted to create my own personal website with Hugo with the Coder theme and followed the official documentation. I decided to host the website on Gitlab. The website is ready to publish and it works perfectly on localhost:1313, but it fails miserably and I am not getting the expected output.

The website must look like this. (This version runs on localhost:1313, and it is the desired output).

But what I am getting is this (which runs on a custom domain connected to GitLab).

This is my GitLab repository and its contents. ( is my custom domain.)

I tried various workarounds, tried deleting all the repositories and starting from scratch, but I am not able to figure out the source of the problem.

Any help is appreciated.

Mithun K

P.S: I am new to Git.

Edit: I purchased the custom domain on GoDaddy.

Hi there,

Please have a read about Requesting Help to see how to ask for help, particularly the sections FAQs and Let us see your code.