Created a new theme but theme cannot be found Gitlab Hosting

Hi there

I am trying out Hugo with hosting on Gitlab
What I did was the following;
1/ I forked the Gitlab repo
2/ made the necessary changes
3/ I am able to get my site up running with the Beautiful Hugo
4/ the next thing I did was to clone it
5/ I also added the theme Hugo-fresh into the folder
6/ I later on did a ‘git add .’ , commit and push
7/ but the Hugo fresh theme is not in it
8/ GitLab CI also throws an error that they cannot find the Hugo Fresh theme under /themes

/var/folders/kr/ypp8xpyd3ggflwh_m7b6_404b3tts3/T/se.razola.Glui2/B2538ED8-4C84-4342-A3B8-9C9A824FA1BA-873-000009100B001033/2018-09-29 at 8.39 PM.jpg

May I ask if anyone hosted on gitlab and used their CI
Like to ask for your help on setting it up with new themes

Thank you very much

I run my own Gitlab instance and runner, so I have experience with .gitlab-ci.yml.

Read Requesting Help and share runner config and site, and we’ll get to debugging it. :slight_smile: