[OT] Why do my code chunks look odd and how can I fix it?

Hey there :wave:

I am new here and hoped that someone more experienced could help me out. In my markdown documents (blog posts), I often have both in-text code snippets ( code) and bigger code chunks, initiated and ended by ```. After building the project, my code chunks look like this:

There are two issues here. First, code blocks are rendered as white lines on a black background, which looks weird and makes everything unreadable. Second, all my code (both in blocks and the main text) is rendered with a black box around it. My question is: What’s wrong here and how can I fix these two issues? As I said, I am a newby…so I’m sorry if this question is super basic. I can’t wait to learn from you.

I am using blogdown out of R-Studio to set up my build. The theme I am currently using is keepit. Viewing it out of hugo’s preview as well as in five different browsers does not change a thing. I really like the theme for everything else it does. Is there a way to fix the appearance of the code sections to something more readable without having to change the theme?



Your issue is related to CSS. In this forum we do not provide support for CSS.

Please try asking at the repo of the Keepit theme, StackOverflow and similar.

Also have a look at: Requesting Help