It takes 4 hours to deploy my website on Netliy, but can't finish

Hi everyone,

I’m using Netlify (Paid Plan) to deploy my website. Today, it takes 4 hours to deploy, but it can’t finish the process. So, I must cancel the deployment. Do you guys using Netlify, and can you please share how to improve the deployment speed?

  • It spent 10 minutes on the Hugo build, which is long and suggest some bottle necks that we could help debug if you showed us the source.
  • Why the build does not finish is more natural to ask Netlify about. They have all the logs etc. Impossible for me to guess.

I just deployed a site on Netlify a few minutes ago (although nowhere near as many pages as yours), and I had no problem. The last few lines in my log were:

11:35:03 AM: Starting post processing
11:35:04 AM: Post processing done
11:35:04 AM: Site is live
11:35:21 AM: Finished processing build request in 53.401638769s

Are you doing a lot of post processing? Maybe that could be the issue. I don’t think it’s a Hugo problem, though, so maybe asking Netlify for help might be the best route from here.

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Hi bep,
Thank you so much. It’s my private project, so i can’t share the source with you. This is email from Netlify Support team. I deploy my website from Bitbucket to Netlify. I don’t understand their answer, so i create this topic.

This is my Netlify config (netlify.toml)

Don’t get me wrong, but don’t you think that is a question you should ask the Netlify support? Given that it’s a paid package? There is a “contact support” button right on the top of your failed deploy. I think they will be able to have more insight as to what is happening there.


Hi pkollitsch,

With my website (Paid plan), usually, Netlify takes about 20 - 30 mins to deploy (very slow). So, today, after waiting for about 2 hours, it’s still processing the deployment. I cancel it. And retry, and wait for 4 hours. After that, I contact the Support Team. But it seems they can’t help me. Now they support via email, very slow.

  • are there any concurrent deploys running? stop them manually.
  • the issue definitely lays within the uploading of your files to the server or within any minification or optimization job you let netlify do. disable those jobs (somewhere under the deploy settings page) and see what happens.
  • are you having any “strange” files? like large filesize, weird binary formats and such. filesize can be an issue if you go over 10MB.
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Hello @tinh

We do help people with deployment from time to time but your topic is beyond the scope of support we can offer in this forum.

Also see the Requesting Help guidelines. If you feel like sharing the source code of the Hugo project in question for people to test locally feel free to open another support ticket.

However I am closing this particular topic since we cannot really debug Netlify deploys with the information you offer. It’s off topic.

Thank you for the understanding.