[SOLVED] Struggling to use .Resources in a leaf bundle

In a template, I have this in a template file:

{{ (.Site.GetPage "page" "business").Resources.GetMatch "**" }}

I have tried other variants (The glob was just to see if anything is returned), but no matter what I try it returns <nil>. Now I believe I have successfully set up the leaf bundle, as {{ (.Site.GetPage "page" "business").Content }} successfully returns the content from business/index.md.

How do I get content from other pages in the leaf bundle though? The docs are really unclear.

Can you share the full source code? In the meantime, have you also tried using Match instead of GetMatch?

What’s on the frontMatter of the page you are fetching ?

Sharing here sorry because it’s pretty simple to recreate…


title:  "Testing?"
headless: true
Rawr! Boo.


title: "About This Company"
name: "about-alt"
date: "2018-06-15 00:00:00 +0800 AWST"
La monkey!


<!DOCTYPE html>
        {{ (.Site.GetPage "page" "business").Resources.GetMatch "**" }}

Have tried using Match before. It just returns an empty array (i.e., [])

What am I missing? :frowning:

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Right now it looks like you are missing setting resources in the frontmatter.

 - src: images/someImage.jpg
 - name: 'image'

In which file? content/business/index.md or about.md?


No difference sorry

Then, if you can share the source code, we can try to help further

I have… but if you think it’ll make a difference, I’ll go set up a minimal site demo

Yes, it will help. Because we are all volunteers, and no one wants to copy and paste a bunch of files to recreate your issue. So please combine your templates and content into a Hugo project and share it. Then folks can assist you. Please refer to Requesting Help for guidelines on getting help in the forums. :slight_smile:


Solved. Finally found a comment by bep himself, so I copied his example in at the top level. It worked so I investigated further.

Turns out I was just trying to use

.Site.GetPage "page" "section/headless-bundle"

when I should have just used

.Site.GetPage "page" "headless-bundle"

Follow up question: is it possible to get an array of headless bundles in a subdirectory to use as sections on a homepage without having to give them a common prefix? Currently I am using custom Params…

In the _index.md file for the homepage I have:

sections: [

And in the template file I currently have:

{{ range $.Params.sections }}
    <section id="{{ . }}">
      {{ $section := $.Site.GetPage "page" . }}
      <h1>{{ $section.Title }}</h1>
      {{ $section.Content }}
{{ end }}

It works, but I don’t trust it to be reliable (users will probably forget to update the frontmatter for the homepage if they add or remove sections.