Resources for Noobs

I’ve been looking for resources for learning Hugo and found the results fairly disappointing.

The getting started literally explains nothings to create a full site. There seems to be no step by step guide to building a site, unless I’ve missed something?

I looked at the external resources and bought the, “Build Sites with Hugo” upon the Hugo site’s recommendation, but this uses v0.68 and following along creates all kinds of errors when running Hugo Server. The book shouldn’t really be mentioned on the website as it’s of no use at all.

The Hugo documentation is more of a reference. Tutorials on how to build sites and create templates and set up configurations, seem to be absent.

Am I missing something here?

What do you expect exactly ? The layout, templates, css, config file and directory structure, everything can change wildly depending on what you want, or just personal preference. There is no one-size-fit-all solution for web development unless you can specify very precisely what you want, but if you can do so, then usually you can quickly find said solution on your own.
The simplest is to take a theme you like and study it, hack it until pleased, and finally rewrite it from 0 to make it yours. Hugo comes to help after you studied html and css, not before. Or else, take a theme and stick to it.

Whilst I appreciate that sites come in all shapes and sizes, I was hoping there would be a walkthrough that would include the basics of setting up a website that would demonstrate Hugo’s feature set.

I’m finding it difficult to piece together how to actually build a website from the documentation as I’m not sure what is needed and how to set up what is needed.

I’m proficient enough with HTML/CSS and web development, but don’t really understand how to work Hugo.