Error 404 images


I’m working with a new project that uses hugo. For generate the static site i’m using this command in my shell
hugo --baseUrl="" --verbose --disableKinds=RSS -d=./public

In this site i have got a html tag with a background images. But with this generate command i have got a 404 error

The website is now

But in my Dom HTML, i have got a css style in div tag : background-image:url('/images/headerTop/image.jpg');min-height:351px;background-position:center center;position:relative. This images are a 404 error

I can resolve this, with a modification of css style in a div tag, but it’s not possible for my customers.

How can resolve this problem ?

Here my config.toml :

languageCode = "en-us"
contentdir = "content"
publishdir = "public"
builddrafts = false
baseurl = ""
relativeurls = true
canonifyurls = true
title = "website"
theme= "pixyll"
author = "author"
paginate = 06
paginatePath  = "page"

  categories = "categories"

  #search_engine = true
  #google_analytics_id = ""
  #twitter_username = ""
  #disqus_shortname = ""
  locale = " "
  maj = " "

Thanks so lot


We need to see your project code to assist. Please review Requesting Help. :slight_smile:

Put the image under /static/images/headerTop/image.jpg and you are done