Need help with categories and tags pages

I’m seeing some odd behavior in categories and tags pages. FYI, I’m using the DocDock theme with fairly minimal local overriding.

Get some entry content on main pages.

I would expect the entries in and to display some information about the listed tags and categories. Instead, each entry only contains the (working) link “>>”. Help?

Reduce entry content on subsidiary pages.

The entries on subsidiary pages (eg, include more of the page content than I’d like. Specifically, I’d like to display only the content of the “About” section (without the heading). Suggestions?

Rework header bars on all pages.

I’m not happy with either the content or the style of the header bars on the tags and categories pages, but I don’t see a clean way to make local changes. Suggestions?


These are questions you should first bring up with the theme author, as they will know about the templates they created. Also, always share you site’s project code when seeking assistance. You can read other tips at Requesting Help. :slight_smile: