The most recent draft article is being partially included in non-draft builds in 0.57.0

Looks like there are some issues with this build. It’ll take me a while to track down enough to file a bug, but the most recent draft article is being partially included in non-draft builds, as a stub entry with just a title (no content, no permalink). It has only one category listed in the front matter, but gets included in three others, and appears twice in the correct one, on different pages.

The diff from the 0.56.3 build output is over 10,000 lines; hopefully I just need some small template changes to eliminate most of the cruft and see just the real errors.


Would be nice to see some (issue related) code.

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Echoing @davidsneighbour: no way for us to know what you are talking about. Please read Requesting Help and share some code. :slight_smile:

…and as soon as I manage to whittle down the 10,000-line diff, I’ll work on a minimal repeat-by. Meanwhile, it’s a heads-up that a large site that worked perfectly under 0.56.3 blew chunks under 0.57.


@davidsneighbour, @maiki, the repeat-by turns out to be trivial.

  1. Follow the Hugo Quickstart to create a stub site with the Ananke theme.

  2. Add a single taxonomy to config.toml:

category = "categories"
  1. Create a handful of content files with category set, with one of them set to draft=true (tarball; the draft article has the string “Draft1” as the title).

  2. hugo

  3. The string “Draft” should not appear in the site, but does:
    find public -type f | xargs grep Draft

  4. In every file where this bogus entry appears, it has only a title, and no URL or content:

  <div class="bg-white mb3 pa4 gray overflow-hidden">
    <span class="f6 db">Posts</span>
    <h1 class="f3 near-black">
      <a href="" class="link black dim">
    <div class="nested-links f5 lh-copy nested-copy-line-height">


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I’m so lazy! :panda_face:

If I could only git clone and hugo! :tired_face:

Well, if you wait :zzz: another 5-6 hours :sloth: until I’m home :desert_island: from work :volcano: and have time :clock10: to create a project :jigsaw: on github :carousel_horse:, push :hammer: it, and file :card_file_box: a real bug :bug:


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Someone else filed the bug with a public repo.


This issue was fixed with commit 9475f61

The fix will be available in v.0.57.1 that will be released in the coming days.