OT: Author highlights and author notes did not work properly

Howdy, I encountered several questions while highlighting authors in the author list. Specifically,

  1. To highlight the admin in the author list, I HAVE to set highlight_superuser = true in the params.toml file. Setting highlight_name: true in the author profile as indicated in the version 5.0 updates did not work.
  2. It appears that I cannot customize the symbol of the author’s notes. According to the version 5.0 updates, an author note is rendered as a tooltip next to an author’s name. However, in my case, it was rendered as a question mark. What I really wanted was an asterisk.

Any ideas?

I am afraid that I have no idea whatsoever.


This is the Hugo Support Forum for the static site generator known as Hugo

From your post above it seems that you are referring to entirely different software.

So I am closing this topic as OT.

If you want to open another support topic then please read the Requesting Help guidelines beforehand.