Cannot generate a new (additional) page with Ananke theme with Hugo 0.76.5

I have been using Hugo 0.76.5 and the Ananke theme for some time.
It generated several pages based on several markdown files.
I created a new markdown file with the usual settings, including disabling draft… and Hugo does not generate the html page for it and does not include the new post…

What can I do to find out why Hugo will not compile this post?

Hi there,

Please have a read through Requesting Help . We need to be able to see your site code to help you.

What do you mean by “code”? My pages are markdown documents, this is not code.


Hugo Static Site Generator v0.76.5/extended darwin/amd64 BuildDate: unknown


baseURL = “http://mywebsite.url/
languageCode = “en-us”
title = “mywebsite.url”
description = “my description”

licenselink = “”

homepage = “mywebsite.url”

repo = “”

copyright = “My copyright”

theme = “gohugo-theme-ananke-master”
#features = [“posts”, “shortcodes”, “related content”, “comments”]

category = [“mycategory1”, “mycategory2”]
tags = [“mytag1”, “mytag2”, “mytag3”]

googleAnalytics = “”
enableRobotsTXT = true

changefreq = “weekly”
priority = 0.5
filename = “sitemap.xml”

featured_image = “/images/banner.jpg”
show_reading_time = true
post_content_classes =“lato bg-near-white”

Header of page which is not compiled:

title: “my title”
summary: “my summary”
date: 2020-10-26T21:21:00+02:00
images: []
categories: [“mycategory1”]
tags: [“mytag1”]
featured_image: ‘’

There is no magic in Hugo. The markdown do not generate the HTML files by brain waves.
There is code who does that. And without code … nobody can imagine what is happening.

Not sure if this is compliant. Try

featured_image: ""

Of course but that is Hugo Code as a compiler, I am not changing the Hugo code…

That has been working so far… I changed it, behaviour is the same.

I think I found the issue.
It seems to be because of this:

date: 2020-10-26T21:21:00+02:00

I changed it to the following, and it works:

date: 2020-10-25T18:21:00+02:00