Page not populating to public dir

I’m having difficulty getting a page to build within a particular layout type, though I’ve had no trouble doing this in the past.

The template is located in layouts/case-studies/study.html

the FE markdown for the page (located in content/case-studies/

title : client
type : case-studies
layout : study
draft : false
aliases :
    - /client

Currently I get a 404 error at both /case-studies/client and /client

Please follow the advice at Requesting Help and share a complete project. :slight_smile:

I can’t share the project as it’s a protected entity unfortunately.

You’ll need to create a project that reproduces the error. We are unable to. Make sense?

Ah, gotcha. Duplicated here

localhost:1313/case-studies/ exists
but not /case-studies/client
or /client

Do you have this like this in your actual frontmatter? If so, you should have no space before the colons.

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So you have content/case-studies/, which means that /case-studies/ is actually a Leaf-type Page Bundle. This means that you cannot have nested pages below it; page-type resources (like case-studies/ are treated as Page Resources, not stand-alone child pages.

Rename it instead to content/case-studies/

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That’s it, thank you!