Affiliation url link in academic template is not working

Hello there!
I just found that after I put my affiliation url link into config.toml, I click it in my deployed personal website and url link shows “www.(mydomain)/www.(my affiliation url)”, as shown below. This definitely is incorrect. My template is hugo-academic.

# Organizations/Affiliations.
# Separate multiple entries with a comma, using the form: `[ {name="Org1", url=""}, {name="Org2", url=""} ]`.
  organizations = [ { name = "Universidad de Murcia", url = "" } ]


I hope someone can help me to solve the problem. Thanks in advance!

Please read Requesting Help and share more to troubleshoot your issue.

Does the problem also happen when you use the full URL? So including https://?

I’m asking because I see in their example config that the URLs are formatted like, and not as

Jura! Many thanks for your help. Sharp eyes! YES!! You’re right. I should put the full url link into the code.