Hugo custom CSS Override Issue

Folks, I’m currently trying to figure out a weird issue. I recently moved my development environment from a windows machine to a Mac and the custom stylesheet that was working earlier in my dev environment does not seem to be working anymore.

I can see in page source that the custom stylesheet is loaded, any changes to that stylesheet are also visible when I use dev tools. But the overridden styles are still ignored, my local website is still using the styles from the theme and bootstrap. Any ideas?

Hi there,

Please read Requesting Help

Yup, I’ve read the docs, searched the forums, tried clearing cache, upgraded the Hugo version to the latest. Still stuck with this issue :expressionless:

I suspect what @pointyfar means is you should provide a link to your code so we can figure it out - it’s pure guesswork for us otherwise.

As a guess, check you are not loading the theme styles after your custom styles in the head. If so, change the order so your theme styles are loaded first and your overriding custom is loaded second.