Disabling a hugo help site

I am a technical writer and I write the Help section for a software product.

The UX designer built the help section using Hugo and ATOM editor.

This is a very impractical time consuming method for writing this particular Help section so I want to switch to HTML5 format in RoboHelp instead.

However, when I try to build from GitHub to the Help site by pushing the RoboHelp version, the online Help section does not take the RoboHelp files and the Hugo site remains.

I have uninstalled Hugo from my PC through Windows Powershell (Admin) which is what I use to upload to Hugo in the first place.

How do I make the switch?

What am I doing wrong?

I would welcome any light on this. I’m not a developer, hence the post.

This seems unrelated to Hugo.

It’s impossible to understand and fix the issue without looking at the source. I have no idea what you mean by “HTML5 format”, “RoboHelp”, also not sure what ATOM editor has to do with the actual Hugo generated site.

So approaching the UX designer who first built your site seems to be the best bet.

She’s left the company. What I really want to know is and I should have stated this is how to I disable Hugo so I can upload a help site from a different program?

At the moment I can’t, it just picks up the Hugo version.

Your request is OT. This is a help forum for Hugo, not a forum for Robohelp.

Also please read the Requesting Help topic before starting OT topics.
Thank you.