Creating a new page under an existing one's subdirectory

I currently have a page at Music - bobdc blog and want to create a page. I created a foobar subdirectory of the content/music page and put an page in the new subdirectory with yesterday’s date, but hugo is not rendering it and I don’t have anything at http://localhost:1313/music/foobar/

Is it possible to create a new page like this?

Is /music/ using an page? You need to rename it to for the children pages to be navigable, otherwise they will be treated as page resources only. See Content Organization | Hugo

If that does not solve your problem, you need to share a link to your site code repo so we can have a look. See Requesting Help

Thanks! I renamed index.html to _index.html, and then the Content Organization page helped me to understand that instead of a content/music/foobar directory I could have a file in the content/music directory, and that now shows up as http://localhost:1313/music/foobar/, which was my original goal.

http://localhost:1313/music is now showing the menu and sidebar but it is not showing the the content that is now in How can I do that?