Multilingual permalinks with relLangURL and custom slug

Hi, I’m building a multilingual site. Here the files I’m working on:


# Disable errors in browser because of symlink error
disableBrowserError = true

# Multilingual
DefaultContentLanguage = "it"

    languageName = "Italiano"
    weight = 0

    languageName = "English"
    weight = 1

content/ (italian is default language)

title: Contatti


title: Contact
slug: "contact" # rewriting the slug


<a href="{{ "contatti/" | relLangURL }}">{{ i18n "home" }}</a>

Now opening the site in italian I see the rendered link is:
<a href="/contatti/">Casa</a>
and in english it’s
<a href="/en/contatti/">Home</a>
while it should be (or I would be):
<a href="/en/contact/">Casa</a>

Someone can help me?

We need a bit more info to be able to help you, so please have a look at Requesting Help and provide some more details? If you can provide a link to your repo that would be great, but at least I think it would be helpful to see your config file. Thanks.

Hi Rick, I updated the first post adding info about the config file. At the moment I haven’t a repository. Let me know if you need other infos. Thanks

Hmm @dangelion, it looks correct. Try adding the slug param to content/

Tried but it’s the same. It renders the link as /en/contatti/that gives a 404… in your projects instead it works as expected?

I haven’t tried localizing slugs yet, I’m afraid.

Your “contatti” character chain is hard coded… Not really nice.
Please have a look at

A testing (or Work in Progress) site I made: