Organising content - Taxonomy vs section + cascade in section

In order to learn how to organise content in Hugo, I find taxonomies rather useful. It works like a treat, and you get clean urls ( I use content sections to keep everything tidy/organised and do not create lists based on the sections. The sections go rather deep, and using the list of the sections would create urls such as

I use the taxonomy list to display the items of a specific taxonomy term labelling all articles in a section as ‘my term’.
I would like to define metadata on the taxonomy term, so I can use that in the list. I therefore added

with the following front matter

title: “my term”
date: 2021-02-01T16:18:44+01:00
draft: false
test: “testing the tax params”

On the taxonomy list, I wanted to print the “test” param and assumed that within my taxonomy.html.html I could simple add {{ .Params.test }}. But that does not print anything. What am I missing out here?

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