Config.filetype Code Toggle won't work

Hello, I am trying to implement the nifty “code-toggle” feature into my Hugo page but to no avail the buttons nor the css are functioning normally.

The image on the left is actually a snapshot from the Hugo Site but unfortunately they dont explain how to implement it, but its used as a test on the page. Now I cloned the HugoDoc file to implement it on my own and to also improve that page by potentially setting up a quick demo on how to get it working.
The image on the right is what I have so far.

I have uploaded numerous .css files from the original hugoDoc repository, as well as the shortcode code-toggle. If anyone can help out it would be greatly appreciated!

Please read Requesting Help and show the code you’ve tried. Which part of are you tripping up on?

Hi Maiki,

If you notice in my image the css is not the same although the css files are the same (as I am writing from the original repo) as well as the buttons do not work. There is no click on them and underneath if you can see it actually shows 3 separate code blocks (json, yaml, toml) as well as the copy button (to be expected) does not respond either.

In terms of the code I tried, my code-toggle short code is once again identical to the code-toggle that is linked in that page you posted.

Thanks for your response