I made a Hugo website using a theme works perfectly, using hugo service i cant acess it from outside my machine even tho ports 1313 are open in both tcp/udp so i decided to use hugo without arguments to compile and upload to a webhost can someone tell me if the prints are normal?
Using Hugo -

Using the website generated by Hugo without arguments -

Please read Requesting Help and update your question. You share your repo when you get help here. :slight_smile:

Oh! im soo sorry, i dont have a repo for it ill make one and update it

there u go ! sorry its a rar :confused: github didnt let me upload it cuz of the number of files

Upload your repo to git, not a file archive. It should show the file layout, as it does for the repo at there you go

When you create a site with hugo in the public directory it uses the baseURL in your config. Set that correctly (currently it is and it should work.

soo i have a domain hypelevels,cf (yes its a free domain bla bla bla) baseURL i put
but as u can click on the link and see, it still doesnt work

I don’t see what’s wrong with the page. Looks fine to me.

Really weird, now I’m having problems not related to Hugo, transitioning web host, was working then I got https certificate and im getting an error need to talk with the domain provider (?) idk I’ll fix it later, thanks for the help!

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